The mission of Right Start is to educate and empower teens and adults to always be conscientious, responsible, and safe drivers through the use of defensive driving and personal safety practices in order to prevent traffic violations, collisions, accidental injuries and fatalities.


Right Start is a privately-owned, in classroom, curriculum-based defensive driving school whose goal is to carry out its mission by providing its clients with the necessary knowledge and safe driving techniques and practices in order to prevent and decrease the driver statistical rate of traffic violations, collisions, accidental injuries, and fatalities on a local, state and national level.

Located in historic downtown Macon, Georgia, Right Start provides a comprehensive academic experience in an upscale, professional, safe and comfortable learning environment for its clients.

Right Start utilizes certified defensive driving course instructors to teach the curriculum of the National Safety Council’s Alive at 25, Defensive Driving Course 4 Hours, and Defensive Driving Course 6 Hours to clients from any of the five driving groups.

Right Start opened Friday, February 21, 2014 In Memory of Jeremy Dernard Israel, Sr. and the 4th Anniversary of his death. A former elementary school student of Right Start’s owner, Jeremy, at the age of 26, was traveling north on GA SR127 with several other bikers, when one of the bikers pulled off the side of the road near GA SR128 and made a U-turn, causing Jeremy to clip the back tire of the biker and ejecting from his motorcycle at about 4:15PM. Jeremy died shortly after the accident.

Macon man killed as motorcycles collide


Right Start’s Defensive Driving Course Program includes the following components:

  • Defensive Driving Education and Practices
  • State Driving and Traffic Laws
  • Driver, Passenger, Pedestrian, Personal, Work Zone, and Workplace Safety
  • Educational Research and Statistical Data
  • Speaker’s Bureau
  • Community Service (Optional)


The Alive at 25 Defensive Driving Course provides drivers of Group 1 (ages 15-24) with defensive driving and personal safety practices which will assist them with taking responsibility for their behaviors as a driver or passenger during the operation of a vehicle. The course focuses on decision making and consequences, tools for making positive choices, and the importance of adopting safer driving and personal safety practices in order to reduce the number of injuries and collisions incurred by drivers of Group 1. Course Guide and Certificate included.

The Defensive Driving Course 4 Hours influences and challenges drivers to change their behind-the-wheel behaviors and attitudes so they will choose to drive safely, responsibly, and lawfully. The course provides drivers with the basic knowledge, skills, and techniques to avoid collisions and decrease future violations. Course Guide and Certificate included.

The Defensive Driving Course is a six hour course which provides drivers with defensive driving and personal safety practices to assist them with the prevention of traffic violations and collisions. The course focuses on driving behaviors and habits, distractions while driving, hazard recognition, common driving violations which contribute to collisions, the application of collision-avoidance techniques, and the importance of adopting safer driving and personal safety practices. Course Guide and Certificate included.

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